miggo Has a New Line of Agua Storm-Proof Camera Bags

miggo has launched a new line of Agua storm-proof camera bags, all of which are available to pre-order on Indiegogo. The new line holds everyday gear alongside DSLR cameras, and there’s even a storage option for DJI’s Mavic and Spark drones.

“This is miggo’s fourth crowdfunding campaign,” said Guy Sprukt, Marketing Manager and miggo co-founder. “The crowdfunding arena is the place where we bring products to life and is also a way for a young brand like ours to gather real feedback from consumers and implement changes before the final product is brought to market.”

The three new bags are all IPX3-standard storm-proof, designed with durable tarpaulin and have been given a unique matte finish.

Agua Versa Backpack

The first of the new bags is versatile and for everyday use. It has a removable modular section which keeps photography gear safe and divided, as you’d expect from a camera bag.

There’s fast and easy access to gear, alongside excellent weather protection and a harness system with three different carrying modes:

There’s even external access to a charging system for mobile phones, which works via a power bank you can keep on the inside.

Agua Drone Lander

The second is a slim bag for carrying DJI Mavic or Spark drones. The bag even has its own landing mat, which can also be used as a handy assembling station.

Agua Sling

If you want something more compact, then the third option from miggo might just be the one for you. It can carry a full-format DSLR and three professional lenses, as well as a flash unit.

There’s a handy storm-proof front pocket too, allowing you to keep other personal items close by. The convenient charging port is available on the Sling model too.

You can pre-order one of the Agua bags on Indiegogo starting at $120 for your choice of one of the three.

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2wdPryN


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