Parody: A Fast-Posing Tutorial with the Model Who Pioneered It

Fast-posing for rapid-fire portrait shoots has been getting quite a bit of attention in recent times — last week we showed how Chinese models pull of two poses per second for retail fashion photos. Photographer Slater King has a humorous take on the trend: he made the 2-minute parody tutorial above with one of the models who helped pioneer fast posing.

“Sometimes your client wants you to do a hundred, two hundred shots in a day,” King says. “Impossible. No… if you get fast posing right.”

To demonstrate fast posing, King invites a model named Lena.

“She was one of the first to do it,” says King. “Started off in the 60s. Amazing.”

Here are some of the “resulting photos” that resulted from Lena’s fast posing talents:

To see other (real) examples of how models are doing fast posing, check out this male model doing 25 poses in 30 seconds and Coco Rocha doing 19 in 30 seconds.

from PetaPixel


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