The Lightest and Cheapest Full-Frame Camera Kits on the Market

In this 4-minute video by Duncan Dimanche, take a look at the lightest and cheapest full-frame cameras on the market.

During the video, Dimanche digs through online retailers to establish the difference between cameras on offer by the four major brands: Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Pentax.

While you may think that the Sony camera with accompanying lenses might be the lightest, being a mirrorless camera, that is surprisingly not the case. Instead, it’s the Nikon D750 kit with its 5 lenses that is the relative featherweight. The Sony a7, Sony a99 II, Canon 6D, and Pentax K-1 round out the list, respectively, from lightest to heaviest kits.

It turns out the Nikon D750 kit is also the cheapest, too (when you don’t include a pricey super wide-angle lens in each kit). The Sony a7 system comes in second, with the Canon 6D in third place, and then the Pentax K-1. However, Dimanche points out that these prices will vary depending on when you actually watch the video. The market can sometimes be quite fluid in its pricing.

(via Duncan Dimanche via Nikon Rumors)

from PetaPixel


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