How to Move a Person’s Limbs Around Using Photoshop’s Puppet Warp Tool

Voodoo is real. At least it is with Photoshop’s “Puppet Warp” feature. In this 8-minute tutorial by Photoshop Training Channel, learn how to manipulate your subject and move their limbs in any number of unimaginable ways.

The Puppet Warp feature sits in the Photoshop “Edit” menu. If you have a photo of a person, isolated from the background, you can create pins on their limbs where the joints would be.

With the pins in place, you can click a drag a person’s limbs around, distorting the image in a “natural” movement.

It’s totally freaky, but it can be useful for tweaking an image where you can’t go back and recreate it. With more time and attention, you can use the tool to move strands of hair and other finer details.

from PetaPixel


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