11 Tips and Tricks for Shooting Drone Photos

Drone photography is all the rage right now. It’s not just for amazing aerial films, but also for great stills from a unique perspective. In this 5-minute film, COOPH gives 11 great tips for improving your drone photos.

It’s the simple things, like looking for symmetry in the scene below your camera, that make for effective photos. The top-down perspective is one we’re not as used to seeing as photographers, until recent years, and it’s not until you’re up in the air that you’ll see such symmetry.

Similarly, repeating shapes are effective too. It’s this kind of abstract style that seems to be popular amongst drone photographers at the moment.

Shapes, in man-made structures or natural phenomenons, all make for great subjects.

But you don’t always have to shoot looking straight down. Use your drone to access unique, hard to reach angles. Shoot from the top of a high peak or building, looking across at the view below. It saves the walk, after all.

Check out the rest of the video above for all of the tips, and start improving your drone photos straight away!

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2tR307U


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