Citizen’s CY-02 Photo Printer Spits Out 4×6 Prints in 15 Seconds

The printer company Citizen has just released a new CY-02 printer to its line-up. This could be the perfect dye sublimation photo printer for those needing to produce on-demand prints for clients.

Tuned to work at high-speed and high-capacity, the printer can output 6×4″, 7×5″, and 8×6″ prints. It uses continuous rolls of paper that produce up to 700 prints each, and it allows you to switch between a gloss or matt finish without changing the paper.

It has two printing resolution modes. The faster mode produces 300×300 dpi 6×4″ prints in under 15 seconds. The higher resolution mode spits out a 300×600 dpi print in under 20 seconds.

Other dye sublimation alternatives, like the HiTi P525L and DNP DS-RX1HS, cost $429 and $599 respectively. They do boast a faster printing speed than the Citizen CY-02, but the Citizen’s larger rolls and higher capacity that give it the edge.

The printer weighs about 40 pounds (~18kg) and costs $710. The media packs, containing two rolls of paper and YMC-plus-overcoat ribbons, start from $117. It’s currently available from Europe, so to get it in the USA you’ll have to ship from overseas. More information is available on the Citizen website.

(via Citizen via DPReview)

from PetaPixel


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