Photographer vs Model: This is What Happens When Roles Are Reversed

What happens when a model and a photographer switch places? In this humorous 18-minute video, photographer Matt Granger swaps roles with Stephanie Pham, his model of 7 years experience.

“Who is most important in creating a great image?,” Granger asks. “The Model or the photographer? And what if the roles are reversed!?”

Under the guidance of Granger, model Steph arms herself with two Sony a9 cameras. Much to the envy of many photographers reading this, no doubt.

The result is experience on both ends: Granger doesn’t know much about posing, and Pham doesn’t know much about shooting.

Granger also shoots a series of photos of Pham showing the opposite ends of the spectrum: a photographer that knows how to shoot and a model who knows how to pose:

And here’s the top comment on YouTube: “Matt won. However, that is because Steph was your model. Look what Steph had to work with.”

from PetaPixel


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