What Photographer Zack Arias Carries In His Trusty Bag of Lights

Portrait and commercial photographer Zack Arias spends a lot of his time travelling and shooting on location. In the 23-minute video above, Arias goes through his bag of lights and tells you exactly what is (and isn’t) in there.

Arias is a photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, who has shot for some huge names in the corporate and celebrity worlds. It’s crucial for him that his bag is compact with all his lighting equipment taking up as little space as is possible. He’s spent his entire career modifying, adjusting, and testing all sorts of different products in order to come up with the bag of lights he has now.

“Over the years my lighting kits have evolved. I’ve added larger lights, tried different systems, and used all different kinds of flashes and lights,” says Arias. “I’ve been searching for one cohesive system, and I now have one I love.”

This video will give you an insight into the gear that is worth lugging around, and things that are better left at home.

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2uquwaV


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