Uh Oh: Sony a9 Banding Issue Report Surfaces

Photographer Jared Polin has discovered something very strange in his “real world use” of the Sony a9: some of his photos have come out with some weird banding patterns over certain parts of the image.

Roughly 2% of the images he shot (so 50 out of 1905) had this strange banding across certain areas of the image, which are emphasised mostly in the white parts.

2% is a big hit rate for the banding issue to come about. If it happens on one of your best images, then that’s a real problem.

“I didn’t go out looking for an issue,” says Polin. “But it showed up in the Sony a9 I was using.”

Polin has since reported the issue to Sony so that they can see the problem for themselves.

Whether or not this is an issue specific to his copy of the camera, or it is an issue that will crop up for other users, remains to be seen.

Polin is also quick to point out that he isn’t “hating” on the Sony a9 — he loves a lot of the features and thinks it’s an awesome camera in his time with it so far.

“I […] want to make it crystal clear, there are many features in this camera that I am in LOVE with,” Polin writes. “Those features should leave Canon and Nikon shaking in their boots.”

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2tgZUKv


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