A Look at Google’s $20 Photo Book in a Hands-On Review

Expanding into its ever-growing range of products and services, Google is now offering photo books. They’re competitively good value, and in this quick video review we get a glimpse at what they’re all about.

At the moment, these 9″ x 9″ inch photo books are available for just $20 for 20 pages, and $0.65 for each additional page. In the 2-minute video by photographer Adley Haywood, he points out the immediate obvious quality of the product. It’s hardback, with what he reports to be high quality printing, especially considering the cost of the book.

In fact, Haywood was so impressed with the print quality and color reproduction that he is considering offering this as a product to his clients for their weddings or other events.

Google Photo Books are available to order now on the Google website.

(via Adley Haywood via Reddit)

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2s8Uhig


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