A Mozart-Inspired Infrared Timelapse Shot with a Converted Sony a6300

In this stunning 3-minute infrared timelapse, director and filmmaker Matthew Rycroft sought to answer the question: ‘What would a Mozart music video look like?’. The result is a dramatic 3-act cinematic opera titled “Siege of Salzburg,” and filmed in the city of Mozart’s birth.

Rycroft shot the time-lapse entirely on a Sony a6300 camera specially converted for full spectrum infrared (830nm) photography, creating a unique and theatrical deep contrast black-and-white film, which perfectly complements Mozart’s “Lacrimosa”.

He shot 3TB of infrared footage around Salzburg over the course of a year – from daily life in the city to beautiful images of the Alpine surroundings and threatening clouds blossoming high over Hohensalzburg Castle. The infrared imagery particularly emphasises the dark moody skies over Salzburg.

“I hoped the infrared aesthetic and 3-act structure would add a slightly different dimension to the typical time-lapse video,” Rycroft tells PetaPixel.

For more of Matthew Rycroft’s work, you can visit his website, Instagram, and Twitter.

Image credits: Video and photographs by Matthew Rycroft and used with permission.

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2sxoMv7


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