7 Quick Tips to Revolutionize Your Still Life Photos

It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd in still life photography. When someone picks up a camera for the first time, still life is probably the initial thing they try. Therefore the internet is packed full of still life images, but these tips will help to give your photos an edge.

In this short but sweet video by COOPH, household items are used to create mesmerizing still life photos with 7 easy tips that you can apply to your own photography.

Here’s a rundown of the tip titles:

1. Plan Your Concept
2. Build Simple Setups
3. Play With Light
4. Shoot Reflections
5. Think Abstract
6. Enhance Your Props
7. Capture a Message

Creatively using a lamp to light your images from different angles will create dramatic lighting. Position the light source underneath a glass for some awesome contrasting details in the curves and edges.

Try and be a little abstract in your work. In the video, the photographer stitches together two apples of different colors for something different.

Using a kettle from your kitchen to create steam beats an expensive studio generator, and you instantly add a new dynamic to the shot.

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2rkwVSq


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