This DIY Globe Helps You Browse Your Travel Photos with Taps and Spins

Have you ever found yourself sitting and watching someone browsing through their travel snaps, flitting between endless folders on their computer? No one likes looking at someone else’s holiday snaps, but Caroline Buttet wants to change that with her interactive globe project.

“I love travelling, but I think it’s always quite boring to show pictures to people” says Buttet. “I’m currently working on a project that should hopefully make the experience a little bit more interesting and interactive.”

She has created a globe-shaped photo album which allows you to touch any country to display the corresponding photos on your computer. Want to browse through that album? Just spin the globe!

Her DIY solution offers some pointers if you wished to try this yourself. With some thumbtacks, a little knowledge of wires, and some persistence, you could have this nifty globe on your desk. Or, just join the stream of people already asking Buttet to commercialize this project.

Did someone say Kickstarter?

(via Caroline Buttet via Digital Trends)

from PetaPixel


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