Hasselblad Takes $8,000 Off the Price of the H6D-50c, Now ‘Only’ 18 Grand

If you’ve been holding out on purchasing a serious digital medium format camera, Hasselblad just gave you 8,000 new reasons to pull the trigger. As of today, the price of the flagship H6D-50c has been dropped from $26,000 to $18,000—a price drop of $8,000, or nearly 31%.

The price drop was announced in a newsletter, and Hassy is describing it as a “special promotion.” However, as DPReview points out, previous “promotional” price drops like this one have actually been permanent.

Even with the price drop, the 50MP CMOS sensor-toting medium format camera is still going to cost you a good 11 grand (and some change) more than the mirrorless Fuji GFX-50s. But if you’ve been dreaming of buying digital Hasselblad for years, here’s your chance to get your own Hassy at a steep discount.

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2s4Nplu


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