How Much Do Oliphant Backdrops Cost? Answer: Over $1,000

Oliphant Backdrops are iconic backdrops used in portrait photography. You’ve probably seen these backdrops in photos by Annie Leibovitz and many other famous photographers. Art always comes with a price and rightfully so, and the biggest question many people ask is how much the backdrops cost.

Photographer Felix Kunze was kind enough to find out more about Oliphant’s pricing and has allowed us to share the information!

“I used this backdrop (featuring Sarah Oliphant herself) as an example, which is around 6 feet by 8 feet (not fully rolled out),” Kunze says.

The photo Kunze used as an example.

Here’s the quote Kunze got from Oliphant Backdrops:

As of now, a 6’ x 8’ grey portrait backdrop will be $1,000- plus applicable taxes, packaging and shipping (these are at a TBD additional cost).

“There’s no sales tax if shipped outside of NYC or internationally,” Kunze says. “You can get a double side-drop and larger drops, but it starts there.”

This is how Felix crafts his orders:

One of the backdrops he received came out like this:



And for reference: if you’re shipping to Canada from the U.S., shipping will cost you roughly $150 to $200, according to photographer Justin Van Leeuwen.

(via Retouchist)

About the author: Pratik Naik is a photo retoucher specializing in commercial and editorial work. To see his work, head over to his website or give him a follow on Instagram and Facebook. This article was also published here.

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