This Cheap, Weird Lens Gives You Square Bokeh with Its Square Aperture

Want to make your portraits look like they were taken in some weird Minecraft universe full of squares? Weird lens expert Mathieu Stern can help. He found a cheap, strange little lens that produces square bokeh that immediately makes photos and videos stand out.

The lens is called The Componar 75mm f/4.5, and it’s an enlarging lens that can be found on eBay currently for about $50.

The lens comes standard with an M39 screw mount, so it’s not ready to use right out of the box. But all you have to do is add an M39 to M42 converter ring, followed by an M42 helicoid so you can actually focus the lens. That’s it! Put it all together, and you’ll quickly be capturing photos like this:

To give this strange lens a shot for yourself, you can pick up the lens here, the M39 to M42 ring here, and the helicoid (for e-mount) here. And if you love weird lenses like this, don’t forget to subscribe to Mathieu’s YouTube channel for lots more.

Image credits: Screenshots from video by Mathieu Stern, and used with permission.

from PetaPixel


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