The TSA Thinks This Nikon DSLR Rig Looks Too Much Like a Gun

Check out this Nikon DSLR rig, which apparently uses a pistol-style grip for triggering the shutter. It seems this kit looks too much like a firearm for the TSA’s liking.

The photo appeared on the TSA’s Instagram page as an example of something you can’t bring onto an airplane.


“This gives “photo shoot” an entirely different meaning,” the TSA writes. “The camera was fine as a carry-on, but due to its similarity to a firearm, the handle/grip/trigger mechanism needed to be placed in a checked bag. This was discovered in a carry-on bag at LaGuardia (LGA).”

From the comments left on the post, it’s clear that most people who responded didn’t agree with the TSA’s assessment of this Nikon kit. Here’s a sampling:

“I’m sure you just saved lives by making this guy check a camera”

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen on tsa so far”

“my god thank you! With all these cars transforming into robots it was only a matter of time until cameras turn into guns!”

“If they determine it isn’t dangerous, why still treat it as a gun??”

“What would we do without the tsa to save us from cameras”

We’ve seen a number of camera rigs that look like firearms over the years, both vintage equipment and modern gear. So if you spent $200,000 buying that Leica RIFLE camera that popped up at auction last year, you’ll need to think twice before trying to bring it onto a flight in your carry-on bag.

from PetaPixel


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