See How This Surreal Construction Image Was Shot and Processed

In 2016, world-famous photographer and digital artist Erik Johansson was commissioned by Swedish construction company NCC to create something special that showed the areas NCC was working. This is one of the 6 photos he created for them, and below he shows you how it was made.

Johansson’s surreal digital art makes it into the headlines about once ever 6 months, and each time you can’t help but be blown away by the quality of his creations.

From capturing each individual piece of the final product, to the hours of post-production during which the composite is painstakingly put together in Photoshop, you can watch the whole process in the BTS video below:

This is only one of the 6 photos Erik created for NCC. To see all of them, head over to his website by clicking here. And if you love his work, don’t forget to like his page on Facebook or give him a follow on Instagram as well.

(via ISO 1200)

from PetaPixel


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