Helmet Cam Captures Crazy Footage of Bear Chasing Mountain Bikers

It’s been a rough week for people on bikes. First, a drone takes out a cyclist mid-race, sending him over his handlebars in a nasty crash. And now, making an angry drone seem like a godsend is this angry brown bear who charged two mountain bikers as they careened down a hill in the forrest.

The whole thing was captured on helmet cam by one of the riders, Dusan Vinžík, as he and his friend flew down the Malinô Brdo trail in Slovakia.

One second they’re riding down the hill at full speed, minding their own business; the next, there’s a pissed off brown bear flying into the shot and chasing the first biker.

Fortunately for both of the bikers, the sound of the bikes and Vinžík yelling what we can only assume is a stream of Slovak expletives scared the bear back into the forest after only a few seconds. We just can’t figure out why the heck the bikers then STOP to talk things over… that seems unwise.

Watch the whole sequence for yourself up top. And then, if you’re like us, you’ll go polish off that action cam you’ve been letting languish in the attic.

(via Mashable)

from PetaPixel http://ift.tt/2qrvKUx


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