This Photographer Turns Abandoned Spaces Into Dark Fairy Tales

Photographing abandoned spaces has exploded in popularity in recent years. For photographer Karen Jerzyk, however, finding those spaces is only the first step. She transforms each one into what she describes as a “dark fairy tale” scene.

Jerzyk began shooting portraits in 2009 after spending years doing music and concert photography. Not having any funds to do studio work, Jerzyk decided to get creative and use eerie, abandoned locations as her sets.

Her life and art transformed in 2011 after he father passed away unexpectedly. In struggling to cope with the loss, Jerzyk dove deeper into her photography and began to use her images as a outlet to share all the things she was feeling inside.

“I learned how to control how I felt and funnel it all into my ideas,” she writes. “I finally learned how to make the connection between imagery and emotion, and for once in my life I was satisfied and proud with what I was creating.”

You can find more of Jerzyk’s work on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

from PetaPixel


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