Watch the Sony a9 Track and Shoot a Pole Vaulter at 20fps

It’s time for one more Sony a9 demo, because a high-speed sports camera is only as good as its AutoFocus system. Sony Artisan Gary Fong uploaded this pole vaulter demo, showing how well the a9 can keep up with a running athlete while shooting wide open.

Just like the 20fps no blackout demo last week, it’s easy to forget that Fong is not shooting video here: he’s taking 20 full-frame photos per second. In his case, it looks like he’s shooting JPEG, but the camera is capable of capturing this same sequence in RAW no problem.

Fong was shooting in Manual mode, at ISO 6400 and 1/2500 second shutter speed on a 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master lens wide open.

General wisdom has typically maintained that mirrorless cameras simply can’t keep up with DSLRs when it comes to AutoFocus capability—a critical feature if you’re shooting fast-moving sports or wildlife. After watching this demo, general wisdom may have to change its mind.

from PetaPixel


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