The Story Behind an Action Photo That Won Red Bull Illume

The photographer brand COOPH made this 3-minute video in which photographer Lorenz Holder shares the interesting story behind how he shot a photo that won the prestigious photo contest Red Bull Illume 2016.

Holder’s journey utilized the P.O.P. principle of carefully planning, organizing, and positioning your shot.

After traveling to a beautiful lake and bridge in the eastern German town of Gablenz, Holder found that the water was covered with fallen leaves.

Luckily for Holder, he had a large fishing net in the trunk of his car. So the team walked along the sides of the lake and manually cleared away all the leaves.

What resulted from this tedious manual labor was a gorgeous photograph that was soon published around the world and honored by Red Bull Illume:

“Masterpiece by Yodobashi” by Lorenz Holder, grand prize winner of Red Bull Illume 2016.

You can find more of Holder’s work on his website and Instagram.

from PetaPixel


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